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Credit Unions and CUSOs: Grounded for Success with Their Heads in the Cloud 

Referring to “the cloud” in everyday use is as likely to mean that vast, growing global network of internet-hosted servers that powers our digital lives as it is fluffy, white water vapor in the sky.  From the beginning, our industry’s instincts for collaboration and innovation made cloud computing a natural fit for credit unions and their […]

Prodigy Names New CTO to Help Lead the CUSO to its Tech Future

Brian Elcock, a veteran of business technology, has joined the Prodigy team as its new Chief Technology Officer. This is a brand new role for the leading cloud-based core CUSO. While new to the credit union market, Elcock is no stranger to technology. Prior to joining Prodigy, Elcock spent nearly nine years at Dynata, a digital marketing […]

Fab Four: Top Core Trends for 2024

Technology never stands still and 2023 was no exception, underlined by explosive growth in areas like generative artificial intelligence (gen AI). As we roll into 2024, credit unions must stay on top of those and other developments – and stand ready to refine existing tools and deploy new capabilities.  You don’t need to go it […]

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