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Cloud Infrastructure

Moving your IT infrastructure to Prodigy’s secure, private cloud shifts the technology burden from your credit union to our team of highly skilled experts. By virtualizing your servers in our fully redundant data centers, you eliminate all the costs associated with maintaining those servers, e.g., server replacements, Microsoft server licensing, patching, backups, disaster recovery, etc. Your IT staff is freed of routine maintenance tasks, enabling them to work on more strategic initiatives.

CLoud Features

Easy Migration

Using cutting-edge technology, Prodigy can migrate your servers to our secure, private cloud quickly and efficiently – within minimal time. When you’re ready to go live, Prodigy switches you over within two to three minutes and you can resume work as normal. If something isn’t to your liking, Prodigy can switch you back with equal ease.

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Highly Secure and Scalable

Our data centers are fortified with the latest security hardware and software. And because ensuring the peak performance of these data centers is critical to our business, we’re committed to continually upgrading those security measures. We’re able to invest significantly more in this area than any single credit union ever could. Our advanced cloud infrastructure is totally scalable, too. This means that your credit union only pays for the servers it needs today. If your needs change tomorrow, additional servers can be provisioned in a matter of minutes.

The CUSO Cloud Difference

When you partner with Prodigy, you’re partnering with an organization that understands cloud technology, understands your credit union, and understands your regulatory environment. We purpose-built our secure, private cloud just for credit unions. We don’t over-provision servers. We don’t limit your access to your data. We don't take short-cuts. We simply help your credit union do technology better.

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Cloud Services


Available as both a managed and an unmanaged service, IaaS virtualizes all your virtual and physical on-premise servers and moves them to our secure, private cloud.  Managed IaaS is best for credit unions that want to be as hands-off as possible.  This service provides patching, anti-virus software, basic system monitoring, and more.  Unmanaged IaaS is suitable for larger CU's that want to retain responsibility for these tasks.


​This service provides near real-time replication of all the data from any virtual servers you operate onsite at your credit union. In the event of a disaster, failover to our private cloud typically takes three minutes or less meaning dramatically less disruption to your operation.


With rapidly changing threats, legacy endpoint security solutions and antivirus can no longer prevent security breaches. Our advanced endpoint protection replaces traditional antivirus with a unique combination of the most effective malware and exploit prevention methods to block known and unknown threats. Combined with FWaaS, you achieve enhanced security inside as well as outside your network.


With this service, existing legacy firewalls are replaced with advanced next-generation firewall technology. We monitor, manage, and continually feed these firewalls with the latest threat intelligence to defeat known and unknown malware and zero-day exploits. Leverage this advanced firewall security at your credit union and within Prodigy's private cloud without adding extra work to your IT staff.


This service allows you to leverage our advanced data centers as a repository for your credit union's offsite backups using Veeam technology. Using BaaS is a smart way to enhance the reliability of your backups while maximizing local storage.

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