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CU Prodigy and Datava Partner for Immediate, Actionable Insights for Credit Unions

CU Prodigy and Datava announced a new strategic alliance to incorporate the two CUSOs’ best-in-class technologies that will modernize how their credit union clients access, analyze and act from their data during CU Prodigy’s Unite 2022 users conference.

Colorado-based Datava will incorporate its CRM and data analytics platform into CU Prodigy’s core offerings. Attendees of Unite got a first-hand glimpse into what will be possible for them to achieve through the partnership during the event, providing real-time feedback to map out credit unions’ objectives and identify the most useful elements of the platform.

“Nothing beats in-person, real-time brainstorming and solution building!” CU Prodigy CEO Amber Harsin said. “Our clients were very excited to experience the live introduction to Datava’s platform and how it could integrate with CU Prodigy’s core system for a seamless, efficient and comprehensive view of their membership. Our theme and aim for the event were to help our credit unions Level Up, and I think we were successful.”

“It was wonderful to be able to collaborate during CU Prodigy’s Unite 2022 user conference with so many cutting-edge leaders in the credit union industry. We are especially thrilled to continue evolving our partnership with CU Prodigy with this new strategic alliance.” Gordon Flammer, CEO of Datava shared “Together, working as a team, we can unlock the full potential of Datava’s Member Relationship Management (MRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) platform and CU Prodigy’s core system to continue to place credit unions on the best path for success and at the forefront in building, maintaining and expanding strong member relationships.”

Anchored in education, the CU Prodigy Unite 2022 agenda was rich with credit union success stories and knowledge exchange. Attendees were immersed in credit union stories that ran the gamut, from Lookout Credit Union’s journey toward building award-winning brands to the ups and downs of becoming a certified Community Development Financial Institution with Point West CU and Clarity CU to Lonestar CU’s repurposing of branches to meet the needs of its newly hybrid workforce and digital needs of members.

CU Prodigy also announced it would significantly increase its investment in scholarships to send credit union professionals to various educational opportunities, including CU Development Educator training by the National Credit Union Foundation, Western CUNA Management School and CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference in 2023. Prior to the announcement at the event, the CUSO already provides scholarships toward project hours and implementation fees for credit unions on its platform.

Harsin added, “We wanted to look at how as a network we could Level Up our focus and lean into the cooperative principles that we anchor in to serve our credit unions, partners and ultimately the communities served by the credit unions that leverage our technology.”

That lens guided every step of the planning for CU Prodigy’s Unite 2022, starting with our location at Wasatch Peaks Credit Union’s newly remodeled Education Center in Ogden, Utah. The modern core processing CUSO is deeply invested in contributing beyond technology to the health of the movement, guided by the cooperative principles of Education and Concern for Community.

“Investing in the current and future leadership of the credit union movement will help us bolster its survival, and we are proud to be able to help in any way we can,” Harsin concluded.

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