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First American CU Conquers Innovation at its Core

First American CU Conquers Innovation at its Core Phil Peters, CEO at First American Credit Union, was on a very expensive legacy core. The average monthly invoice went on for six pages! The functionality was antiquated, and it was keeping his credit union from innovating. When a colleague asked Peters if he’d heard of Prodigy, […]

Sooper Credit Union Shores Up its Tech Stack to Better Serve Members

Sooper Credit Union Shores Up its Tech Stack to Better Serve Members Ease of integrations start with your core. Sooper Credit Union is in that in-between spot: It’s not huge for a credit union, but at $657 million it isn’t small either. Chief Innovation Officer Nate Rogers said his credit union is looking to leverage […]

NIFCU: Conquer Your Core Conversion Jitters

NIFCU: Conquer Your Core Conversion Jitters When Northern Illinois FCU was looking for a new core in 2017, the credit union had a few things on its wish list, and one big one was not to mess with its home banking platform. The credit union loved it, and members loved it, so whatever core they […]

​Why Cloud-Based Core Processors are the Future of Credit Union Banking

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, credit unions face intense competition from larger financial institutions, community banks and new market entrants, like fintechs. To remain competitive, credit unions must break free from the shackles of outdated, legacy technology and leverage innovative technology solutions that enable them to deliver better services to their members while reducing […]

SnoCope CU VP of Lending Wins 2023 CUDE Scholarship from Prodigy

Dustin Rohde, vice president of lending at $83.6 million SnoCope Credit Union in Everett, Wash., is the latest winner of a scholarship from Prodigy, the leading core processing and private cloud Credit Union Service Organization, to attend the 2023 CU Development Educators program in Madison, Wis.The National Credit Union Foundation runs the program, which aims […]

​Credit Union Tech Partner or Vendor? Here’s How You Know

Some credit unions just want to buy ‘the thing’ and be left alone to manage it on their own. And that’s ok. Others might need a little help along the way, and that’s fine, too. Both have their value, but if you’re in the latter group, how do you know if you’re buying a product […]

Datava and Prodigy join forces to streamline the 5300 CALL Report process for Credit Unions

Datava, a leading platform for member relationship management and business intelligence tools, and CU Prodigy, a modern and comprehensive core and cloud CUSO, are pleased to announce they have entered into another exciting strategic collaboration to launch the 5300 Consolidated Report of Condition and Income (CALL) Reporting Module. The new module will allow credit unions to automate […]

Columbine FCU’s Wickes Earns CUProdigy Scholarship to CUNA GAC

Tina Wickes, vice president of lending for $68.5 million Columbine Federal Credit Union, is super excited to join the throngs of credit union leaders heading to CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference, Feb. 26 – March 2, in Washington, D.C. Her participation was only made possibly through a scholarship from CU Prodigy, the leading cloud-based, open architecture […]

CU Prodigy and Datava Partner for Immediate, Actionable Insights for Credit Unions

CU Prodigy and Datava announced a new strategic alliance to incorporate the two CUSOs’ best-in-class technologies that will modernize how their credit union clients access, analyze and act from their data during CU Prodigy’s Unite 2022 users conference. Colorado-based Datava will incorporate its CRM and data analytics platform into CU Prodigy’s core offerings. Attendees of […]

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