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Unprecedented freedom and flexibility for progressive, mission-focused credit unions that want to own their technological destiny.
Trusted by the following credit unions across the country.

Our Three C's


We offer simple, transparent pricing, a browser-based core, and a modern API architecture. Our open ecosystem philosophy also gives credit unions their choice of vendors.


Our private cloud shifts your technology burden to highly skilled experts. You eliminate server costs and maintenance work while enhancing reliability and security.


Our business model is just like your business model. We exist to empower credit unions of all sizes with modern solutions that are robust, scalable, and secure.

Inclusive Banking Solutions

“CUSC of Oklahoma is proud to partner with Prodigy. Prodigy’s Shared Branching products enable CUSOs and credit unions of all sizes to compete with big banks. They take pride in ensuring those who serve underbanked communities continue to have the resources they need to operate."

Misty Babb-Hayes, Director of Operations
CUSC of Oklahoma

Small Credit Union, Big Offerings

“Thanks to Prodigy and some of the larger credit unions on the system, our small credit union is miles ahead of our peer size. We could have never dreamed of some of these features just a few years ago. I have to think it is helping us grow as members are getting more comfortable with technology and we can offer what the "big boys" offer."

Mark Lenaway, CEO
Northern Illinois Federal Credit Union

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Security

“The savings are fantastic, but our real priority was improving data security measures. The CUProdigy team includes several experts focused on state-of-the-art equipment and security.”

Rainy Thoen, President
Community Choice Credit Union

Unique Technology, Better Experience

“The technology is tremendous. The integration and choice is so important. The collaboration, not just internally but the network of credit unions. It's just very unique; it's something different than you'll ever experience even at other CUSOs.”

Phil Peters, President/CEO
First American Credit Union

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