CUProdigy Cloud

CUProdigy provides the industry’s best cloud-based core software platform – CUProdigy Core. This pla
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CUProdigy Core

Our browser based system, CUProdigy, provides the tools that you would expect from a processing plat
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Products & Services

CUProdigy was developed through the active involvement of our owner credit unions. Using their feature wishlist as our guide, we have crafted a system that truly delivers what credit unions want – a powerful solution accompanied by exceptional member service. This system enables credit unions to serve their members in ways that ensure satisfaction and loyalty, securing a solid foundation for future growth and success.

Our core solution is unique to the market in many ways, including:

Platform Independence – CUProdigy is not exclusive to any operating system and can be deployed on a variety of platforms.

Scalable and Robust – CUProdigy’s architecture can support both small and large institutions, allowing institutions to grow.

Intuitive User Experience – A simple navigation, featuring numerous shortcuts, maximizes user efficiency. Centralized information screens limit the need to access multiple screens for single applications.

Accelerated training process for new users – A built-in training platform empowers staff members to quickly learn the system.